Slice Feeds ™: Coin Pursuit Launches the Bitcoin Industry’s First Social Media Trading Site

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March 27,2014 - Slice Feeds have been launched click here

Slice Feeds™: Coin Pursuit Launches the Bitcoin Industry’s First Social Media Trading Site at the Texas Bitcoin Conference March 5th and 6th.

Since those who invest in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin are also effectively its owners, it is extremely important to keep dynamic lines of communication open between traders, investors and enthusiasts alike. This press release introduces the interactive social component of Coin Pursuit, called Slice Feeds™ which will innovate the way digital currency investors share information and ultimately drive market participation and industry growth.

Cryptocurrency resource website Coin Pursuit has been building a reputation for its comprehensive presentation of information important to digital currency traders. When it came to adding social interaction capability to the website, CEO Spencer Forrest knew he did not want to integrate a standard message forum. “There are plenty of those already,” he said. “We wanted to shake things up by creating a unique platform that drives the market and offers more to the Cryptocurrency community. At the end of the day, the Cryptocurrency Chains get their power from the community. Therefore a social engine was designed to harness and deliver that power more effectively. We think it’s an industry game-changer - we just need community participation to validate our theory.”

Thus Coin Pursuit's interactive social component, Slice Feeds, was born. The website, which closely resembles the crypto market, is incorporated with a chain-like feature, a confirmations system to qualify rumors and a cap algorithm which controls network growth and rewards users with more visibility based on their participation. In the terminology specific to the website, a “Slice” is a piece of member-contributed content which distributes to the member’s Slice Feeds. These Slices will display in a real-time feed to other members, who can track—and contribute to—the digital currency-focused posts their fellow members are making. This controlled method of quality content distribution will allow Slice contributors to share ideas and experiences, start conversations, provide trading tips, post links to 3rd party content and videos, and confirm or debunk rumors. As a reward for their insights, members can compensate one another with Bitcoin donations and receive access to their more premium content.

The Slice Feeds Network page will offer members a window into all activity happening on Slice Feeds. This content is represented with a directional ticker which indicates its real-time rise and/or fall in network popularity. In it you will find the following data, all of which will be driven by user interaction and feedback:

  • The most popular coins, wallets and exchanges.
  • The highest-ranking conversations, confirmed rumors, tips, advice, videos and links.
  • The changes in member rankings, depending on their number of pursuers and participation.
Members on Slice Feeds will enjoy the following account features:

  • Membership is 100% free.
  • Members can choose from available SEO-friendly usernames to be used in their personal marketing efforts to make more Bitcoin.
  • Members have total anonymity; the only information required for an account is a username and valid email address.
  • Members can add their Bitcoin public key (this is not required to participate) to accept payments from subscribers who wish to pursue the trader more closely to receive more premium content.
  • Members can determine what they wish to charge for subscriptions and change the amounts on the fly.
  • Members will only receive emails from Slice Feeds or Coin Pursuit when it involves the website or services. Your privacy is very important to us and we don’t sell user data or use it for any marketing purposes.
  • Slice Feeds is secure and moderated; no stalking, spamming or harassment will be tolerated.
  • Private messaging between members will take place on the website through a unique conversation tool.
  • Bitcoin trades are transacted between wallets; no Bitcoins are stored on the Slice Feeds or Coin Pursuit servers.
  • Traders can pursue, or be pursued, by other members in order to see the contents of their Slice Feeds.
  • Ratings system that tracks member’s activity and number of pursuers. Higher-ranked members are rewarded with higher visibility on the Slice Feeds Network page.
  • Rumor management algorithm which requires a series of user confirmations by other members before they are released to the Slice Feeds Network page.
  • User Slices can be targeted; depending on the settings, they can be limited to specific people, pursuers only, subscribers, or anyone who visits their page.
  • Accounts come with bookmark management so members can organize their favorite coins, wallets, exchanges, tools and other relevant items.
  • As a member’s ranking increases (this is based upon ratings and pursuer count), the number of people they can pursue will raise based on a follow cap algorithm and other statistics.
  • And much more
In the next version release, Slice Feeds is offering an affiliate program whereby partners can participate in revenue sharing in the network. When they add the Slice Feeds API to their websites, they will provide a valuable service to their users by delivering fresh, real-time content and will be rewarded in Bitcoin for recruiting new members to Slice Feeds.

Forrest noted that Slice Feeds will fit in nicely with Coin Pursuit's overall philosophy of educating and helping cryptocurrency traders, investors and enthusiasts. “We're all in this together, many folks are still feeling around for the light switch” he said, “but together, with the appropriate tools and community support, we can help this cutting edge industry continue to flourish.”


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