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Advanced Mining Technology is a computer hardware company that offers a range of products for Bitcoin miners. These products use the SHA-256 mining algorithm for the processing of Bitcoin data blocks, which in turn validates transaction information and generates new coins. AMT's products use the SHA-256 mining algorithm, and processing speeds vary from 80 GH/s (giga-hashes, or 80 billion mining calculations, per second) to 3.2 TH/s (terra-hashes, or 3.2 trillion mining calculations per second). Although AMT's website doesn't have user forums, there are videos that offer an overview of cryptocurrency and the mining method to the general public. For their customers, they go a step further: when you order a mining product from AMT, you are given a password that allows access to a host of manuals, tutorials and mining suggestions in their “Client Support” section. Further outreach is facilitated by their use of several types of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Like many mining hardware vendors, AMT features application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology, which devote hardware solely to the task of Bitcoin mining.


Advanced Mining Technologies was founded in 2013, and its founder and CEO is entrepreneur Joshua Zipkin. The AMT website lists their headquarters as being in Haverford, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. There is some forum speculation that Lipkin may also be operating out of Bulgaria.