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Anonymity is very important to many users of digital currency. As you might have guessed from the name of this type of cryptocurrency, anonymity is extremely important to Anoncoin's developers and users—a big clue to that is their use of the Guy Fawkes mask from the film V on the front page of their website. Their claim to fame—and to higher usability—is their adaptation and use of the I2P “Darknet.” This is an abbreviation for the “Invisible Internet Project,” and it enables fully anonymous communication between users by applying pseudonyms and other privacy protocols to all online activities. Anoncoin's developers and advocates argue that, even if governments and banking authorities crack down on the use of other cryptocurrencies, theirs will still be allowed to function and be used in trade. All transaction information—from user wallets to trader IDs to the coins themselves—will be untraceable by outside parties. At the time of its introduction, Anoncoin was the only digital currency to actively use I2P technology. Anoncoin's website includes their exclusive wallet, specifically designed to protect investor anonymity. The currency's detractors make the argument that the ultra-high levels of anonymity leave the door open for illegal activity.

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Anoncoin's main developer goes by the pseudonym as "Meeh", and the currency itself was introduced for public use on June 6, 2013.