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If you ask any cryptocurrency miner the biggest downside to the process, they'll probably tell you it's the computer resources and energy required to carry it out. Often, special hardware is required in order to mine digital currency at all. Bit Miner promises to eliminate those issues with its special cloud-based Bitcoin mining business model; instead of miners having to devote computer devices to mining locally, through Bit-Miner they can contract mining power directly from the company for a set price. This method of “collective” mining is done through cloud technology, which means individual miners tap in to hardware resources (using their Internet connections) provided remotely by the company. Bit-Miner's website does have an FAQ section, but the overall content there seems to be based on the assumption that visitors already have a basic understanding of the mining process. The pricing and processing speed sections could prove to be especially complicated to the novice miner. The buzz for the company is positive, but potential miners might want to do a little homework before signing up with them.


Bit-Miner enjoys high approval ratings among miners who rank it on the various cryptocurrency forums, but very little is known about the company itself. Its website went live late in 2013, and is available in both English and Russian language versions.