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Blockchain (named for the interlocked electronic data blocks used as the basis of cryptocurrency) is one of the leading Bitcoin investor wallet services in the world. Their Bitcoin wallet service—known simply as “My Wallet”—has over 800,000 wallets registered, and that number is rising steadily. Blockchain offers offline wallet data storage, so the information is much less susceptible to hackers than that stored online. Blockchain offers several options to its investors worldwide for buying and selling Bitcoins, such as bank transfers and cash deposits. My Wallet—which comes in web, mobile and paper versions—can be used with over 15,000 merchants across the globe who accept Bitcoins as payment for goods and services. Additionally, Blockchain's website is loaded with charts, graphs and statistics that trace the Bitcoin market, wallet info, transaction volume and tons of other information important to investors. It should be noted here that the My Wallet for iOS currently has limited functionality, due to Apple's App Store rules and regulations.


Blockchain was founded by Ben Reeves on August 30, 2011, and is operated by Qkos Services, Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. Its international focus has made My Wallet one of the most popular Bitcoin investment and maintenance tools worldwide.