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CampBX is a platform Bitcoin exchange, which means they don't assume an active role in trades other than to keep them secure and fair. They also offer a variety of trade types, from simply typing in the price you'd like and waiting for a match to orders that are filled regardless of price. You also have the option of terminating an order if your price isn't met, or allowing it to remain in the system until it is. They also offer a wallet service where investors store and maintain their cryptocurrency accounts, but there's no penalty if you decide to store your Bitcoin balance elsewhere. Before launching, CampBX had their site tested and certified by McAfee Hacker Safe, and they pride themselves in this unique status. Every day, McAfee scans the CampBX servers in a thorough security sweep. Though not yet integrated with major US banks, CampBX does accept deposits and withdrawals in the form of money orders. Their site also features interactive, animated graphs, so investors can pinpoint Bitcoin market value and trade volume from day to day.


This is one of the major Bitcoin exchanges located in the United States. CampBX opened for public trading on July 5, 2011, after receiving their McAfee certification the month before. The company's founder and CEO is Keyur Mithawala, and their headquarters are located in Alpharetta, Georgia (a northern suburb of Atlanta).