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Coinbase is one of the most popular wallets available for the maintenance of Bitcoin accounts (currently, they don't support other types of cryptocurrency). There are over 600,000 Coinbase wallets in use today, and that number is rising steadily. Chiefly, the name of the game for Coinbase is security, and they offer several levels of it—from offline data storage that's out of the reach of hackers and thieves to multilayer authentication when you sign in. Coinbase works in tandem with most major US banks, which allows Bitcoin investors to buy and sell the currency easily, simply by synchronizing their bank accounts with their wallets. Point-of-sale features on their mobile apps include QR scanning for on-the-spot purchases. Their merchant services include no fees on the first $1 million processed, and fees thereafter only if Bitcoins are changed into other currency (such as US dollars). They will even host checkout carts and pages for interested merchants. Their web page also charts the value of the Bitcoin against the US dollar, and the volume of transactions over time.



Based in San Francisco, California, Coinbase was launched on June 20, 2012, and has risen in the short period of time since then to the upper echelon of Bitcoin wallets and services offered in the United States. Its wallet services and emphasis both on consumers and merchants have made it popular—and has helped set the standard for other digital currency storage and account maintenance businesses around the world.