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CoinTerra is a hardware development company that specializes in application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) systems that are created solely for the purpose of Bitcoin mining. These ASIC processors are designed to perform one specific task, which helps miners avoid drawing energy and resources from other computing devices; this is especially important with the SHA-256 mining algorithm used for mining Bitcoins, as it can be time- and energy-intensive. CoinTerra's flagship product is the TerraMiner IV, which boasts a processing speed of nearly 2 TH/s (a terra-hash is one trillion mining calculations per second), while still maintaining an efficient power rating. While the buzz on the forums for the TerraMiner IV is generally positive, there are miners there who have pointed out that the company's responsiveness to questions is somewhat lax. This, unfortunately, is not uncommon with smaller, start-up companies, so potential buyers will want to practice patience. While their site does not have a mining tutorial or tips section, this information can be found in its user forums—which are also broken down into several digital currency-specific categories. CoinTerra also employs a hardware recycling program, though it is currently restricted to the company's home state of Texas.


CoinTerra was established in mid-2013 in Austin, Texas, where the company is still headquartered. Its founder and CEO is hardware designer and architect Ravi Iyengar.