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A lot of people in the cryptocurrency community consider anonymity an important feature of the currencies themselves; for those people, Gliph is an ideal mobile application to accompany their Bitcoin accounts. The name of the game with Gliph, after all, is that traders remain as anonymous as they wish, and that personal information should only be exchanged at the trader's choice. As a result, the Gliph app allows for secure and anonymous messaging and trading, including the hiding of email addresses and phone numbers from recipients (it should be pointed out here that in order to use the Gliph messaging system, both the sender and recipient of the message need to be on the Gliph network). These secure trades can be made inside the app, with connections to Coinbase and Blockchain wallets, and traders can invite friends from their Facebook accounts to join them on Gliph. It should be noted that email cloaking and file attachment capability both require in-app purchases, and that email cloaking can be as high as $2.99 per message, depending on the package purchased. Though marketed as a mobile application, Gliph can also be used on desktop and laptop computers.


Gliph was developed by company co-founders and developers Rob Banagale and Nick Ashe, and the application was introduced to the public in December 2011. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.