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The features and functions of most digital currencies are more or less set in stone as soon as they're introduced; whether any changes will be made to them as markets mature remains to be seen. At that time of its introduction, Globe was the only cryptocurrency designed to evolve in synch with external factors that may affect it. As coins are mined, a 20% “tax” is extracted and awarded to developers, so they may create new features as needed (this tax, Globe's website is quick to note, will not affect the holdings of Globe investors and traders). The currency is also “inflationary,” meaning that it will keep up with inflation factors that affect other monetary markets; this, it is argued, will keep Globe's price more stable than that of other digital currencies. Transaction turnaround time is projected to be about 60 seconds—very quick for SHA-256 mining, but nonetheless secure. With no limit to the number of Globe coins that can be minted, its developers have designed it to grow quickly and to have a viral effect on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Globe's founder and main developer goes by the pseudonym “Sphere” on the major cryptocurrency forums. The currency itself was released to the general public on December 6, 2013.