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The Kipochi Bitcoin wallet is unique in that it is not designed for any specific mobile operating system (such as iOS or Android); instead, it works on any mobile device that has access to the Internet. Your Kipochi account number is your mobile phone number, and all transactions are made via the web; it's a hybrid wallet in that it can be used on both mobile devices and desktop and laptop computers. Since operating systems aren't a factor with the Kipochi wallet, it can be used with Apple smartphones and tablets—an impressive feature, since Apple will not validate or accept Bitcoin wallets designed for their iOS operating system. The only current restrictive limitation with the Kipochi wallet is that users cannot make transactions worth over one Bitcoin a day; this is a restriction Kipochi's developers are hoping to have lifted in the near future. Kipochi charges no transaction fees themselves; and the Bitcoin network fees are as little as a quarter ($0.25 USD) per transaction.


The Kipochi Bitcoin wallet was released in 2013 by Danish entrepreneur Pelle Braendgaard. Its parent company, Kipochi Ltd., is based in the United Kingdom, with development team members in Kenya, Nicaragua, Spain and Malaysia.