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Many Bitcoin investors consider the Multibit wallet the go-to hardware wallet, chiefly due to its simplicity. Compared to many other cryptocurrency wallets, Multibit is much smaller in size, and its information can be synchronized and updated much more quickly. Because of its “no bells and whistles” design and size, traders can maintain several separate Multibit wallets if they so choose, to track multiple accounts. Bitcoin storage on Multibit wallets is—by design—“cold,” or offline, which offers the highest level of security for traders' currency. The wallet application has versions for the three most popular current operating systems—Windows, Mac OS and Linux—and, in keeping with Bitcoin's international nature, it's available in over 30 languages. Much like the application itself, Multibit's website is no-frills, as well—but it does feature a thorough FAQ section that will come in handy for the new investor. Once again, the key here is simplicity; Multibit assures its users that they can go from application download to active Bitcoin trading in as little as five minutes.


The Multibit Bitcoin wallet was developed by United Kingdom software developer Jim Burton, along with Gary Rowe and Tim Molter, and the company itself is based in London, England. Multibit was introduced to the public on September 12, 2011.