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The first thing you'll see when you pull up the Poloniex website is a wall of digital currency logos. These are all cryptocurrencies that can be traded on their exchange, from the major players like Bitcoin and Litecoin to some of the less-well-known types such as KittehCoin and FlappyCoin. Their coin trading listings are diverse—over 50 types are available—and are being expanded on a regular basis. If you're a statistics and information geek, their Exchange tab offers plenty, from market value charts to a troll box to a Twitter feed. Investors can also compare their own personal trade histories against those of the general marketplace. Poloniex also has a coin giveaway tab, which is just what it sounds like: traders can offer giveaways of their favorite digital currency (provided it's listed on the exchange) in order to promote it. Their only restriction for currency listings is that they don't include coins that include the image or name of celebrities who don't directly endorse the coin; for example, RonPaulCoin investors will have to trade elsewhere.


Tristan D'Agosta, the owner and founder of the Poloniex exchange, goes by the pseudonym “Busoni” on the major digital currency forums. Although an exact physical location for the exchange is unknown, the website's servers are registered in the United States, in the state of Illinois.