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ProtoShares is a unique type of cryptocurrency that is not based on Bitcoin's code or model, as many other digital currencies are. For one thing, instead of the energy- and time-intensive SHA-256 mining protocol used by many alternative currencies, Protoshares has developed their own mining system called Momentum, which is designed to be quicker and easier for individual miners to use. Momentum was also created to guard against 51% attacks (takeovers of currency by majority holders). Along with the proof-of-work mining that Momentum provides, Protoshares also features proof-of-stake earnings. For every Protoshares coin an investor holds, they will be able to earn one Bitshare (a commodity issued by Invictus Innovations, Inc., the same company that created Protoshares). The entire trading and development system behind Protoshares is called the Distributed Autonomous Community, or DAC for short. Bitshares is the first DAC in this system, and the door is open for more to be developed in the future; as that happens, Protoshares holders will be able to earn shares in new DACs as they are created. Shares are slated to be released slowly, to keep pace with demand and to help maintain value.
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Protoshares was developed and released in 2013 by Invictus Innovations, Inc., which is headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. Bitshares is slated to be released sometime in the near future.