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Quarkcoin (sometimes known as simply “Quark”) is a relatively new type of cryptocurrency. It differs from most other types of digital currencies in that the majority of the coins available were released within the first few weeks it was made public, to the tune of about 247 million coins. It's estimated that up to 90% of those coins are owned by the currency's developers, which makes some potential investors nervous. However, its low price in comparison to other alternative currencies can also make it an inexpensive investment choice. Quarkcoin is also unique in its mining process; it uses the SHA-256 algorithms like many other types, but its mining process involves multiple rounds of mining per data block in order to insure a higher level of transaction and currency security. As a result, its mining process does generate new coins, but at a slower rate—thus the large amount released early on. This early release has been called “pre-mining” by many of Quarkcoin's detractors, who consider its introduction little more than a pump and dump scheme. This often-heated discussion continues on several digital currency forums. To give credit where it's due, their web page offers this advice: “Quark, like all other crypto-currencies, is experimental - Please consult an approved financial advisor before making any invesment [sic] decisions.”

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Quarkcoin's concept was introduced by developer “Max Guevara” (likely a pseudonym) in July 2013, and the currency itself was made publicly available shortly thereafter.