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The Simpsons once had a joke on the show that said, “Yours is the number four non-porn website, which makes it five-billionth overall!” All joking aside, it was just a matter of time before a digital currency came along that caters directly to adult entertainment—and that currency is aptly named Sexcoin. That's what makes it unique among the alternative currencies: it's a niche currency that's meant to be applied only to a certain market. As such, investors must be the age of majority in the region in which they live in order to buy, sell and trade the currency. The mining of data blocks uses the simpler and faster Scrypt algorithm, and occasional and random “lucky” blocks will pay out a higher number of coins once they're mined. Needless to say, the anonymity that Sexcoin transactions provide (which is common to most types of alternative currency, we might add) is one of their major selling points, since their clientele tend to prefer being discreet in their transactions.

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The concept for Sexcoin was announced late in 2012, and the currency itself was introduced to the (adult) public in mid-2013. True to the currency's nature, its developers operated under pseudonyms such as “Sexcoin69,” “Lavajumper” and “Littledigger.”