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ZeroBlock is one of the highest-ranked Bitcoin market informational mobile applications available, according to several reviews and the feedback we found on the major cryptocurrency forums. It's available for both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, and there's also a web version for traders who like to access the information on their PCs or laptops. Not only does Zero Block offer all the information a trader would need at a glance—including market trends, volume, exchange rates and mining statistics in real time—but investors can also buy and sell using its trading platform, which connects them to several major exchanges. Traders can connect with one another through ZeroBlock's forums, or they can send tweets to the application's Twitter feed. Users are also given regularly-updated links to Bitcoin articles from dozens of reputable news sources. On top of all this, ZeroBlock's monochromatic and high-contrast make it easy on the eyes, as well. The ZeroBlock download is free, and traders can purchase access to full-color market charts inside the app.


ZeroBlock was developed by Dan Held and Kevin Johnson, and the application was introduced in the summer of 2013. The ZeroBlock application was purchased by Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain in December of that same year. The transaction for the purchase, by the way, was made entirely in Bitcoins.