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  • 51% Attack remains Bitcoin's biggest problem
    According to EBA, a major concern about the widespread adoption of bitcoin is the risk of a 51% attack, where a single entity contributes the majority of the network’s mining hashrate and, thus, gains full control of the network and can manipulate the blockchain. As found on
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    Cryptomate- The Easiest and Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin In UK
    Bitcoin has recently made an enormous leap in value following the latest debate in Congress about the need to embrace digital currency in the exchange market. During the debate, a lot of renowned U.S. financial experts spoke passionately about the benefits of having steady online currencies in exchange trade. The growth in value has left the world curious to know more about Bitcoin. Also, the number of Bitcoin exchange transactions in the UK has grown tremendously and the future seems rosy. It is for this reason that Cryptomate has decided to make Bitcoin exchange easier and faster for UK traders by providing simple platform where traders can carry out their transactions without a hassle.

    Unlike other Bitcoin proxies, Cryptomate allows traders to enjoy fast, reliable, and completely secure payments without exposing them to risky third-party interactions. With Cryptomate, your transaction details are completely safe and anonymous. The only time you will be required to provide your identification details is when your purchases hit a total of £250. Which other Bitcoin exchange allows you such a great deal of liberty? Surely, there is none. A lot of beginners find it difficult to sell or buy Bitcoin in the UK because they do not have a trusted proxy or an easy gateway to facilitate their transactions, but not anymore because is taking Bitcoin exchanges to a whole new level.

    If you have been involved in currency exchange business before, then you are obviously familiar with the need to have faster and secure payment methods. Instead of spending more money and time travelling to meet a potential buyer or seller, Cryptomate acts as your proxy, allowing you to carry out the entire transaction from the comfort of your home. It is also a cost-saving trick that will make your trade more profitable. Not to mention the high level of convenience enjoyed with this type of payment method.

    The only important requirement that every trader is needed to fulfill is to ensure they have an UK bank account, which supports fast transactions and online banking. But if you want to trade with foreigners, don’t worry because Cryptomate is in the process of launching a system that will allow its customers to transact using foreign bank accounts. This phenomenon is expected to set Cryptomate apart in the exchange sector. In a recent interview, Cryptomate’s founder, William Thomas, was very optimistic about the future of the exchange platform saying that they have plans to make their services faster and more user-friendly. Here is a link to the interview:
    To make this cryptocurrency exchange platform more secure and credible, Cryptomate have put in place simple rules and regulations that every customers is expected to adhere to. For instance, customers whose purchases exceed £250 must verify their identity. This shouldn’t be any brainer because you can simply scan your driver license. It is also necessary to ensure that the bank account you provide corresponds to the details of your identification. Failure to meet these requirements will cause your account to be frozen or closed. A major benefit of verifying your account is that you will be given a purchase limit of £1,000 daily. The exchange is committed to offering the best currency trade experience and that is why they have implanted these measures. They are also AML and KYC compliant. With the ever-changing online security standards, it is important for a popular exchange platform such as this to ensure they seal any possible loopholes for fraud and identity theft cases. This means that the exchange has every right to report any suspicious transaction to relevant authorities.

    If you plant to buy Btc in the UK, you need to be sure that the exchange platform you are using is reliable, fast and secure. This is where Cryptomate comes in handy. Their main aim is to make your payments as secure, quick, and convenient as possible for UK traders. They strive to complete every transaction within an hour of placing the order and confirming payments. With just a digital bank account, you will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin UK in the shortest time possible. Traders no longer have to wait for days before their transaction is completed.

    What’s more, the exchange does not keep payment details or trader’s information. This is made possible by ensuring that all transactions are done through a customer’s online bank and not through 3rd parties, who are likely to be compromised. UK currency exchange have now become easier and faster thanks to reputable proxies such as Making a successful Bitcoin exchange online is a new phenomenon. In the past, it was next to impossible to carry out such an important transaction with only your online banking account. But Cryptomate has made it possible and guarantees you the best currency trade experience.

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    Sliced On : November 24 , 2015

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  • Re-Sliced from Long Term Key

    Bitcoin Now Accepted at Established Cloud Hosting Company
    Cloudways, a leading managed cloud hosting platform established in 2012, is pleased to announce it is now accepting the P2P currency Bitcoin for all customer transactions.
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    Sliced On : November 24 , 2015

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