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Coin Pursuit helps investors find the best information on cryptocurrency businesses and markets so they can invest in Bitcoin and Litecoin and store them secure in wallets & exchanges

About Coin Pursuit


We offer our members the most up-to-date information and useful tools to help them make educated and intelligent decisions when it comes to their digital currency investments. As it grows, the alternative currency market is continually changing and adapting new technologies and methods—and those can be tough to keep up with on your own. Coin Pursuit is devoted to researching and reporting these developments to our members as they develop. Keep yourself in the loop and up to speed with Coin Pursuit.


Coin Pursuit's interactive social component, SliceFeed, was launched in March of 2014. This social component helps investors, miners, enthusiasts and others build relationships with like-minded people in the industry. It was designed to offer quality member-contributed content that helps users find relevant information vs. wading through the massive amount of cryptocurrency information online. The site, which closely resembles the way the cryptocurrency market works, is incorporated with a blockchain-like feature, a confirmations system to qualify rumors and a cap algorithm which controls network growth and rewards users with more visibility based on their participation. In the terminology specific to the website, a “Slice” is a piece of member-contributed content which distributes to the member’s SliceFeed. These Slices will display in a real-time feed to other members, who can track—and contribute to—the digital currency-focused posts their fellow members are making. This controlled method of content distribution will allow Slice contributors to share ideas and experiences, start conversations, provide trading tips, post links to 3rd party content and videos, and confirm or debunk rumors. As a reward for their insights, members can compensate one another with Bitcoin donations and receive access to their more premium content.











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