Getting Trading and Investment Advice

Are you new to cryptocurrency investing? If so, a helping hand and a word or two of advice would be great. Coin Pursuit shows you where to find them.

Investor involvement and satisfaction is important to any business, and it's especially important to a young industry such as cryptocurrency. If you're huge and established, you can afford to lose the interest of an investor or two; but if you're relatively new, it can have a bigger effect. So, if you're a digital currency investor, and you're confused, frustrated or angry about something, believe us when we tell you that your exchange is engaged in finding a solution to your problem—but they can't fix an issue they don't know anything about. Most exchanges have email addresses or toll-free numbers for just that purpose.

To those who are accustomed to traditional stock and commodity exchanges, there may be an expectation of having a single broker or exchange representative who's on call to offer investment advice. This isn't generally the case. Since digital currencies are in effect owned by their investors, exchanges tend to play a hands-off role. They may include resource links and—as we'll explore in the next paragraph—user forums, but finding the information and investment advice you need is, for the most part, in your hands as an investor.

That isn't to say you're on your own; far from it. The majority of resource sites like Coin Pursuit's feature investor forums offer an open environment in which their members can exchange ideas, experiences and suggestions. Most importantly, if you as an investor have a question, you can start a conversation with your fellow investors for an answer. Those who invest in cryptocurrency are also the currency's owners, so it's in everyone's best interest to do what they can to see that everyone involved does well. Chances are there will be someone out there who can answer your question immediately; even if not, your fellow investors will often brainstorm until they find a solution. 

That's our look at cryptocurrency exchanges, how they work, and how they can work for you. Thank you for joining us in this discussion, and we invite you to take a look at our next section, wallets.

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