Digital Currency's International Appeal

What sets cryptocurrency apart from traditional currency when it comes to international trade? Coin Pursuit will show what attracts global investors.

Anyone who's made even a single purchase with a vendor in another country can relate to this. Let's say, for example, you're in the United States and you're wanting to buy something from a merchant in Germany. Since they're in the European Union (EU), their government currency is the Euro—and on any given day it varies in value against your US dollar. Today, the exchange rate for one Euro may be $1.35; tomorrow, it could be $1.40. The comparative value of government-issued currencies varies from day to day—and often from hour to hour. In addition, if your local money is currently “weak” against that of another country, the purchase could be more expensive than a domestic transaction would be. The truth of the matter is you never know what the exact amount of your international purchase is gonna be until the minute you make it.

By design, cryptocurrency eliminates all this guesswork. Since it's independently issued—and not tied to the currency of any one country—you'll know what your digital currency is worth no matter where you are, or where your payee is. While it's true alternative currencies fluctuate in value, both independently and against other currencies, traders don't have to consult exchange rate charts constantly to know what their purchasing power will be. In plain English, your one Bitcoin in America is worth exactly one Bitcoin in Germany—or anywhere else. 

Making international financial transactions with traditional currencies can also carry additional charges; many institutions apply fees for the trouble of converting one currency to another. Again, this hassle is nonexistent with digital currency. You'll always have a better picture of what you're spending and receiving when you use alternative currency between countries. The straightforward nature of making international transactions with cryptocurrency makes it popular with investors, buyers and merchants alike.

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