“Recruiting” New Merchants

Do you have a favorite store, website or hangout, but they don't accept cryptocurrency? Coin Pursuit will show you what you can do to change that.

When cryptocurrencies were just getting started a few years ago, it was probably harder to sell their use to merchants than it is today, since business owners are often hesitant to take on new concepts or technologies that haven't been road-tested first. However, now that the industry is taking off and growing steadily, it's easier to get them to take notice. Signing up is quick and painless, and in many cases, free—unlike the hefty fees some credit card companies charge for businesses to use them. Digital currency representatives are busy contacting businesses and extolling the virtues of their financial system, and more vendors are accepting alternative currencies as payment every day.

As an investor in cryptocurrency, here's where you can take part. Wise business owners listen closely to what their customers have to say; those who aren't so wise ignore consumer feedback at their own peril. The digital currency industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth in all its aspects, from investment to overall industry reputation—and merchant involvement. If you're invested in a certain type of alternative currency, and there's a store or web site you frequent that doesn't yet accept it for payments, ask them why not. Share the positive experiences you've had with the currency, and—most importantly—let the business owner know the potential income they can receive by signing up. If it's low cost, or free, for them to do so, and their bottom line is likely to improve, they'll listen—and take action. It's a win-win situation; your favorite stores and vendors will accept your digital currency, and they'll keep you as a customer—and gain many more.

This is still a young field, and it depends heavily on the active involvement of it investors. We aren't saying you need to spend eight hours a day on the phone cold-calling store owners, but when you're out shopping—or in shopping, online—touch base with your favorite stores and sellers and drop a friendly suggestion. If they value you as a customer—and they do—they'll give the industry a look.

In Conclusion

It's been our great pleasure to bring to you this overview of the digital currency industry, and how these unique financial tools can shape commerce in the years to come. From all of us at Coin Pursuit, we thank you for giving our website a look, and we'd be proud to be your one-stop resource for all the information you need. Please be sure to check out our in-depth articles on the topics and issues affecting the industry. And—as always—please don't hesitate if you have feedback for us. We're here to serve you, and we'd love to hear from you!

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