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Welcome to the Coin Pursuit! We help Cryptocurrency investors understand Bitcoin and Altcoins; buying, selling, trading, storing and exchanging cryptocurrency.

With just a little searching online, you'll find a lot of information out there about digital currency. A lot of what you will find can be confusing; there are a lot of rumors and eye-catching headlines, but often there isn't a lot of substance or clear information. Here at Coin Pursuit, we've noticed there really aren't any websites where an interested would-be trader can get a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of the industry. In order to learn about the field, traders often had to spend hours of time browsing and reading technically-confusing information on dozens of different websites. It's enough to make the head spin.

Added to the general sense of overall confusion is the issue of bias; a lot of articles out there—and often entire websites—tend to have an agenda or specific product to sell. That alone can often taint what is presented as “objective” information. That's why Coin Pursuit is here; we'll help you sort through the misinformation and rumors, and will provide a solid and reliable resource for everything you need to know about cryptocurrency investing. At the heart of Coin Pursuit is reliable information and education. We'll provide what you need to know, and we'll be your headquarters for clear, unbiased information and resources which will help you as a savvy and smart investor.

Here's how it all works: this introductory section of our website is broken down into topics that are important to gaining a full understanding of the world of digital currency. These categories are (this is the list so far; it may be expanded as the industry grows):

  • Intro. Here, we'll break down the basic definition of cryptocurrency, its origins and underlying concepts.
  • Mining. Here's where you'll find the basics about the electronic mining of digital currencies.
  • Crypto. This section contains a discussion of the different types of cryptocurrency out there.
  • Exchanges. This is a discussion of the companies set up to help investors trade digital currencies.
  • Wallets. Here's where you'll learn about the many safe and secure ways to store your cryptocurrency.
  • Merchants. Who accepts digital currency? We explore the businesses who've come aboard.
  • Apps. These helpful mobile device programs enable account monitoring and trading on the go.
  • SliceFeeds Community. Network with your fellow investors and enthusiasts and discuss the topics that are important to the cryptocurrency industry, without all the distracting and useless noise you'll often find everywhere else.

Within each category, we'll provide links and detailed listings of business and resources that are relevant within that subject; for example, if you're shopping for a wallet provider, you'll find them listed in the Wallets section, and mining hardware sellers will be found in the Mining section, and so forth. Additionally, down the left-hand side of each categorical section you'll find a listing of articles on topics on that subject. These articles have been arranged to flow in a logical and linear fashion, but each article in and of itself has been written to stand on its own, as well. It's all designed for your ease of use; if you have a specific question on a topic, you'll be able to track it down here, and refer to the appropriate article without having to re-read huge volumes of explanatory material. We understand the business of digital currency is new to most people, so we'll present our information in clear language. If there's a technical term unique to alternative currency, we'll define it; we also have an in-depth cryptocurrency glossary you can refer to. We won't talk over your head; we know it's frustrating to have someone assume you know a term or concept without clarifying it. Coin Pursuit is here to help welcome new traders into the fold of the cryptocurrency world, not intimidate them and chase them away!

Our first section along the informational path is titled “Intro,” aptly enough. Here, we'll give you an overview of the field of cryptocurrency itself: how and when it got started, its underlying principles and philosophies, and what factors have affected its growth up to now. We'll discuss why passion—more than profit--inspires many people to take up digital currency investing, and we'll give you some pointers on avoiding industry “trolls” and the misinformation and rumors they tend to spread. While we take a look at this young and growing industry, we'll keep in mind what's important to prospective investors like you. So, join us as we get down to the basics: how digital currency came to be, what separates it from traditional currency, and both the potential benefits and risks that should be taken into account when jumping into the cryptocurrency pool.

Welcome to Your Coin Pursuit!

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