Presenting Yourself as a Cryptocurrency Expert

Even seasoned cryptocurrency investors were new to the game at one time. Coin Pursuit strongly supports the concept of sharing what you've learned.

To those of you who are “newbies” in the whole digital currency investment realm, you might find the title of this section laughable. That's cool, and you're not alone, the field is a young one, and there are a lot of new people discovering it every day. It's one of the main reasons Coin Pursuit exists: to help cryptocurrency investors of all levels of expertise find the best and most reliable information they need to make smart investment strategies. It's our goal to help new investors function at an expert level, and to make the experts even more so. So don't laugh; you might surprise yourself by how quickly you learn the ropes of the industry.

When that happens, we hope you'll adopt our “pay it forward” philosophy. By the time you've reached expert status, you can bet there will be new investors dipping their toes in the digital currency pool for the first time. Remember, all alternative currency investors are in this together—and the more valuable advice and help you extend to those just starting out, the more everyone benefits. When the time comes, remember all those who helped you find your bearings when you were just starting out—and pay it forward. It's a positive and rewarding cycle that can—and should—continue perpetually.

There's no one right way to present yourself as an expert, in this or any other field. Over time, folks will react positively to helpful and intelligent advice and input—and your reputation will grow accordingly. You can do this through forum threads, social media, and even face-to-face. As an added incentive, our SliceFeeds informational portal can help you monetize your expertise. As a SliceFeeds member, you can offer subscriptions to other members, and can place your more valuable nuggets of advice in a subscribers-only area. Once your reputation as a person in-the-know is established, investors will be more than happy to pay a reasonable fee to tap in to your knowledge. As the industry grows, the wisdom of seasoned investors will be an invaluable commodity; again, you might be surprised how soon that could be you.

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