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Welcome to our interactive SliceFeeds™ portal. Those of you who use Twitter or Facebook, or try to sort through the content on forums or sites like Reddit or BitCoin Talk, know it can take a lot of time as you try to locate a specific piece of information, or connect with one person directly. SliceFeeds eliminates all that hassle by concentrating all your contacts and cryptocurrency information in one place. Its network is divided into three easy-to-use sections: the SliceFeeds network page shows statistics at a glance; the Slices page displays updates as they happen; and your profile page allows you to customize your own personal network-within-the-network. Members will also be able to monetize their unique contributions to the community; for example, bloggers can offer subscriptions (payable in digital currency, of course) for access to their exclusive content, and merchants will be able to advertise their companies and products through SliceFeeds, as well. With SliceFeeds, the days of sorting through dozens of unrelated tweets and forum posts are over; you'll be able to find the digital currency info you need, when you need it.
  • 100% free
  • Track the industry’s favorite coins, wallets and exchanges
  • Organized bookmarking system
  • Unique conversations tool
  • Post notes, tips, videos, links, rumors in a relevant and organized way
  • Private messaging between members via anonymous emailing
  • Ratings system that tracks member’s activity and number of followers
  • Rumor management algorithm
  • User Slices can be targeted to public, followers or subscribers
  • Secure and moderated
  • Private, we do not share data
  • Only info required is username/email

*Email is never made public or used for marketing purposes and we never provide and of your information to 3rd parties.

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