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Welcome to SliceFeeds™, Coin Pursuit's one-of-a-kind interactive cryptocurrency information portal!

With SliceFeeds, your days of sifting through endless forum threads and social media posts that have nothing to do with your trading needs are finally over. Here, you'll be able to network with your fellow investors and enthusiasts and discuss the topics that are important to the Cryptocurrency industry, without all the distracting and useless noise you'll often find everywhere else.

With your free SliceFeeds membership, you'll be able to customize your personal profile and build your contact list; you'll also have the freedom to send private messages directly to other members. On the more public side, you'll be able to share tips, links and videos, and drum up conversations with the network's entire membership. Have you heard a rumor you'd like to have discussed or validated? Present it to your fellow members, who will help validate or debunk it. From your profile page, you can also select your favorite types of currency, wallets, exchanges and more—and you can compare them to the selections of other network members, as well.

Do you have original digital currency content, or are you a merchant who accepts cryptocurrency for your goods and services? If so, monetize what you have to share with SliceFeeds. Bloggers and consultants can offer subscriptions for their unique tips and content, and sellers can advertise their companies and products to a motivated and interested cryptocurrency-using audience.

There's something for everyone who's interested in cryptocurrency at SliceFeeds, whether you're an investor, miner, merchant or consultant, or any combination of the above. Put all the noise, misinformation, and trolling behind you; at SliceFeeds, you'll find only information relevant to your alternative currency interests. Membership is free, and signing up only takes 23 seconds (yeah we clocked it) of your time. Join us, and see how SliceFeeds is Moving the Chains!


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    • Membership is 100% free.
    • Short and relevant content like Twitter, Follow system like Facebook, organized bookmarking system and streamlined conversation capabilities like popular forums
    • Secure and moderated; no stalking, spamming or harassment will be tolerated
    • Private, we do not share data with anyone
    • Only information required is username and a valid email
    • Built for Crypto Traders, Merchants, Enthusiasts, Miners and more
    • Post notes, tips, videos, links, rumors and start conversations in a relevant and organized way
    • Private messaging between members via anonymous emailing
    • Ratings system that tracks member’s activity and number of followers. Higher-ranked members are rewarded with higher visibility on the SliceFeed Network page
    • Rumor management algorithm which requires a series of user confirmations by other members before they are released to the SliceFeed Network page
    • User Slices can be targeted; depending on the settings, they can be limited to specific people, followers only, subscribers, or public, to anyone who visits their page
    • Accounts come with bookmark management so members can organize their favorite coins, wallets, exchanges, tools and other relevant items
    • Version 1.2
    • Members can add their Bitcoin keys (not required to participate) in order to accept payments from subscribers who wish access specific types of content (we may be adding a subscription system)
    • Members can determine what they wish to charge for subscriptions and change the amounts on the fly
    • Bitcoin trades are transacted between wallets; no Bitcoins are stored on the SliceFeed or Coin Pursuit servers

    About Us

    Coin Pursuit is made up of investors and digital currency enthusiasts who have seen a strong need for a comprehensive and easy-to-understand site about the young and thriving cryptocurrency industry. CoinPursuit.com is our response to that need, and is a resource for everyone interested in digital currency—consumers and businesses alike. We offer our members the most up-to-date information and useful tools to help them make educated and intelligent decisions when it comes to their digital currency investments. As it grows, the alternative currency market is continually changing and adapting new technologies and methods—and those can be tough to keep up with on your own. Coin Pursuit is devoted to researching and reporting these developments to our members as they develop. Keep yourself in the loop and up to speed with Coin Pursuit!